The Best Carpet Cleaners in Farnborough


Carpet Cleaning

The cleaning process includes treating of the stains and high traffic areas with proper detergent. After this our experienced technician will use hot water extraction machine to shampoo the carpet and extract almost 100% of the moisture, and with that all the dirt will come out, however the drying process is approximately 7-8 hours depends on pie thickness.

Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning

Our technicians have many years experience and posses expertise to remove any stubborn stain from the fibre of your upholstered furniture. This method is suitable for mattress cleaning as well. Our experts know how to perform the service fast, efficient and safe to surpass your expectations.

Curtains Cleaning

Do not punish yourself with unhanging and hanging curtains, we all know how painful it is. Our machine is with long pool which will reach easily your curtains top to bottom, so need to spend time in unhanging and hanging.

Hard Floor

Our hard floor technicians use revolutionary cleaning method to remove the dirt and contaminants from your floor. They use high-speed rotary brush and proper detergents, which are chosen according the material of your floor, no matter wooden, vinyl or terracotta. Our professionals will come clean your floor and meet your expectations.

Jet Wash

We can clean even the most neglected patio, decking or side walks. Our machinery is today’s leading and the most powerful on the market, because we invest only in high quality equipment and detergents. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced, they will their best to remove all the grease and grime from any surface.

Why should you choose us:


is a company with long history, strong corporate rules and principle and different traditions.

Carpet Cleaning FarnboroughWe started as a small local company with only one technician, who did his best to spread the word for our company. Now we enjoy our success and strong relations with out customers!

We own them our improvement, because this would never be true without their positive feedback and support. Our light motive is providing excellent services at affordable and reasonable prices for all of our customers!

We provide wide range of services such as professional carpet cleaning, sofa, upholstery and may more specialised cleaning services



We follow the latest trends in the cleaning industry, we invest in organizing many market and customer researches.

  • As a leading company, we are aware of the harm that humanity did on our environment.  We promote the ‘green’ working processes, which means that we use only biodegradable and carbon neutral cleaning liquids, which are toxic free and 100% harmless for people and animals.
  • Our machinery is designed to remove any stains and dirt. We use only today’s leading and the most powerful equipment to grant our perfect outcomes. All of our teams have own equipped vehicle, so they can work undisturbed.
  • Our schedule is flexible, because now we work seven days a week, even on holidays and there is no extra charge on top for that. Our available slots are in the morning and in the afternoon.

The key of any successful organisation is the well trained and highly motivated employees.


We provide many different work connected trainings and seminars, as well as different team buildings.

The staff members are ambitious, competent, trustworthy and reliable. To make this web pages so user friendly and access free, a team of great computer engineers work tirelessly.

Our customer representatives are ready to answer every question with competence and positiveness, they are fully informed, because the good communication is very important for us to move forward. We keep good co ordination between all company departments. The operatives that we send on site are fully vetted and police checked, they have all the rights to work legally in the country. They are well trained, experienced and highly motivated to achieve great results incidental to Carpet Cleaning Farnborough.

As a leading company we try to keep same standard or to improve it. We are here to make every person’s busy daily round easier, we do not want to steal your money. Our prices are affordable and reasonable, we offer high quality at budget friendly costs.


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